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Tampa Chiropractor — Caez Chiropractic

Individualized Treatment & Pain Control Clinic

Tampa chiropractor Dr. Brian Caez has treated patients with sports injuries, car accident injuries as well as those with back, neck, sciatic nerve and extremity pain. After an initial evaluation, he will tailor a chiropractic plan for each patient to meet their individual health and wellness goals. His caring approach creates a level of comfort within his patients as they undergo chiropractic treatment and therapies for injury recovery, pain relief or for patients looking to increase their physical mobility and overall health. Chiropractic care at Caez Chiropractic helps you to live the best life you can, free from pain and injury.

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Tampa Chiropractic Sports Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation

Dr. Caez treats patients who have suffered from a sports injury or a car accident injury. When a patient sees our Tampa chiropractor for treatment for back pain, neck pain or headaches and migraines resulting from an injury, Dr. Caez works one-on-one with the patient to develop a plan of treatment that will help heal and prevent the pain from returning.

To treat a sports-related injury, our Tampa chiropractor may manipulate and adjust the injured joint. If the muscles are injured or sore, he will manipulate the muscle to speed healing. Adjusting the injured joint brings it back into alignment. It also re-aligns the injured muscle fibers, aiding healing.

In addition to manipulation of the joints and muscles, massage therapy is a key part of treatment at our chiropractic clinic, as is exercise rehabilitation, which builds or maintains strength in the injured area. Types of massage offered at our clinic include Swedish massage and deep muscle tissue massage. Both types of massage are able to soothe pain from injuries. The exercises a patient learns can be done at home to help continue care. Treatment of sports injuries may also include therapies such as electric muscle stimulation and hot/cold therapy at our clinic.

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Car Crash and Auto Accident Injury Recovery Chiropractor

Patients who suffer from back pain or neck pain as a result of a car accident benefit from treatment at our Tampa clinic. Neck pain from whiplash can take months to appear after an accident. Patients who do not have any symptoms should still schedule an appointment with our clinic to make certain there are no injuries. Symptoms that do often appear after an auto accident include lower back pain as well as headaches and migraines.

Tampa chiropractor Dr. Brian Caez treats sports injuries as well as car accident injuries using advanced chiropractic techniques. He has also received over 300 hours of training and earned certification as a chiropractic sports physician. At the University of Florida, he focused on exercise physiology. Dr. Caez's experience as an athlete in college gives him a great understanding of the needs of athletes.

As with treating sports injuries, Dr. Caez uses a gentle technique to treat patients who have been injured in a car accident. Spinal adjustment effectively treats back pain and neck pain and is used for injuries such as whiplash. Since the soft tissue is also damaged from a whiplash or other accident injury, many patients benefit from massage therapy as well as physical therapy such as exercises that restore range of motion.

Dr. Caez speaks both Spanish and English. He is able to clearly explain the treatments and physical therapy options to patients in the language they are most comfortable with in order for patients to feel comfortable in understanding their course of treatment. To schedule an appointment please contact our Tampa chiropractic office at 813-872-4455.

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